Zorv is a Rock/Post Grunge band from Surabaya Indonesia, formed in 2009. The first line-up consisting of Ragyl (bass), Danishwara (guitar), Dwi (drum) and Joe (vocal).

As the project grew, former original member are drummer Dwi left the group and followed by vocalist Joe a year later.

Themilo is a shoegazing (also known as shoegaze) band from Bandung Indonesia, formed in 1996.  The band was originally known as a side-project of guitarist/vocalist Ajie Gergaji along with his Cherry Bombshell mates –drummer Wisnu “Coro” Kuncoro Jati, guitarist Taufik "Upik" Hidayat and bassist Mufti “Uti” Syarief (both members of La Luna)

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